About Us

Why Girls? Why NOW?

About Up+GO

UP and GO is an organization dedicated to building authentic, confident, decisive and resilient  girls and women as they lead from within and use their voices to empower themselves and their communities.

Our focus is building self-confidence, communications, and leadership skills in a supportive and learning environment.

The emphasis will be on training programs, events, and mentorships in three key areas:  leadership, STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) and entrepreneurship.

We cultivate the next generation of female leaders who will join our STEM, business, government, Not-for Profit, and social enterprises.  Today’s Up and Go leaders will pay it forward to develop strong, assertive, and confident women in Atlantic Canada and beyond.

Get UP and Let’s GO!

Up+Go Will Teach you:

About Yourself and what makes you unique and powerful

Individual skills that if you cultivate now will grow with you into powerful tools

Being willing and able to voice your thoughts and emotions in an honest and powerful way is among the most important relationships skillsyou can possess

Inspire you to Get UP and GO for it!

Why girls? Why NOW?

There’s never been a better time to be a girl.  UP and GO will spark new conversations, training, and mentorship opportunities to close that gap.  The UP and GO Girls will see stories of role models both men and women in our region, they will experience these stories, and will create their own.

Girls and women lag boys and men in the STEM field, we lag behind as founders of start-ups, and hold much fewer leadership positions.

It’s our time to ACT and we have the people dedicated to doing exactly that.  So, get UP and GO!

Our Founder

Cathy Simpson is a mother of three (two girls and a boy), a TECH executive, and a life-long learner and teacher of the things that inspire her – seeing the potential and impact of girls and women in our community and economy.

Committed to her community and province, she is involved in initiatives on leadership, entrepreneurship, and STEM development for girls and women of all ages.

She is currently T4G’s Vice President of the Public Sector where she is passionate about building a digital society and embracing data and technology to make that happen.  She recently served as Chair of the Big Data Congress and Big Data High which brought educators, industry leaders, world renowned speakers and high school students (900+) together to understand and see the impact that data, IOT, and technology is having on our lives.

Her passion is Atlantic Canada.  Cathy’s contributions to the New Brunswick economy include roles as Co-Chair of NB+, Chair of the New Brunswick Innovation Foundation, Investment Committee Member for the Pond Deshpande Centre and is one of the original founders of PropelICT.

As the founder of UP and GO, she will focus on mentors, training, and programs that will build MORE authentic, confident, self-assured, and decisive girls and young women who will become our next generation of business, government, STEM, entrepreneurs and social leaders.

She is a member of the International Women’s Forum, has her BBA from Acadia University, and lives in Rothesay, NB.